As well as development programmes in individual skills such as influencing and negotiation New Directions offers team leadership, performance management, strategic management and integrated management development programmes. Our programmes are always individually designed for the organisation, and run globally for managers from small, large and public sector organisations.

Management development programmes - case studies

* Customer Service Direct (UK) - Design and facilitate a strategic leadership development programme for the top managers in this local government/BT joint venture

* Philips (Global) - Deliver an interpersonal skills development programme as part of a global core skills individual development activity

Northumbria University (UK) - Facilitate a series of management development workshops for senior management

* Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (UK) - Managing the commissioning and delivery of training modules and design training workshops, trainer guides and self-managed workbooks to form the National Training Framework to support the introduction of Supporting People.

Management development programmes - some examples
Managing technical professionals requires some specific skills that build on an understanding of the particular characteristics and style of technical and professional people. Whether you are an engineer or technical professional hoping to make a smooth transition to a managerial role, or someone from a non-technical background who needs to manage a group of technical professionals, this course will help you to learn key management and communication skills.

This programme covers specific problems in understanding and managing technical people using real, relevant examples. It will show you how to organise a group of technical people for maximum effectiveness, communicate in a way that adds value and meaning, delegate intelligently and motivate your team to peak performance.

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INTERNAL CONSULTING SKILLS - Leveraging your expertise...
As an internal technical expert or professional, your expertise is sometimes not used effectively as the organisation sees you in a more service provider role. Being viewed - and used - more as an internal consultant means that your expertise is leveraged to provide a greater impact for the organisation and enhance your own role. To be successful in this enlarged role, your technical and business skills must be backed up with sound communication skills and the ability to interact with all levels of your organisation. This course will provide you with precisely the skills you need to act as an internal consultant. The tools and techniques you gain will dramatically enhance your effectiveness in delivering business solutions.

Companies who have seen performance improvements in their IT, Telecoms and HR professionals, Systems Analysts, Project Leaders, Business Analysts by using this workshop include: Borealis, Sykes, Amadeus, Nature’s Way Foods, Transport for London, BT, O2, John Lewis Partnership.

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