Why Project Management?

The Project Manager is the new organisation leader

Project Management is essential to managing continuous change

Project Management is a core competency for all managers

Why Winning Projects!?
  • Winning Projects! has delivered significant improvements in both public and private sector projects, and culture change in organisations.
  • Winning Projects! is a suite of programmes designed to deliver the blend of planning and interpersonal skills that is the essence of project management effectiveness.
  • Winning Projects! uses the real life projects of your organisation as the core focus of the training, not case studies, providing an immediate return on investment.
  • Winning Projects! programmes are tailored to fit your organisation’s needs.
  • Winning Projects! is designed and facilitated by a team of experienced international project managers and is highly rated by participants.

The Winning Projects! suite

Winning Projects!
This is the core programme designed for people with day to day responsibility for managing significant projects that are critical to the success of the organisation

Focus on Project Management
This programme is for people with project management responsibilities as part of their job, or are major contributors to sub-projects that are critical to organisation success

Focus on Planning in Projects
This programme is targeted at project team members to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in the project planning process.

Focus on Communication in Projects
This programme provides project teams with understanding and skills to implement their project plans in complex environments (including multi-site and multi-cultural) by applying appropriate influencing and communication skills.

Case studies:
The Briars Group (UK) - adapting the Winning Projects! design to provide a one-day seminar for senior staff in a services company in order to establish a professional approach to project management

Ministry of Defence Police (UK)
- we designed and delivered a project management skills programme for all senior ranking officers, and advised on the implementation and conduct of force wide projects

NXP Semiconductors (Global) - Introducing a project management culture to the global marketing and sales department

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