Talent management programmes
New Directions has experience of designing and running in-company programmes that help to develop talent within the organisation. Typical programmes involve the integration of a number of different development activities including Assessment / Development Centres, 360 Feedback, In-house and External Assignments, Classroom Sessions, Workshops, Coaching and Mentoring, Action Learning, Masterclasses, Project Work and Simulations. These are put together to provide a programme specific to the needs of the organisation and level of talent - whether it is developing first tier managers, middle management or senior leaders. The coordinated planning and integration of programmes in an organisation ensures an effective pipeline of talent that meets the organisation development needs of the company.

New Directions has contributed to programmes run for Borealis, Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Gulf Oil International, NAAFI, BT, RJR-Nabisco, Chevron and BP.

Case studies

* Borealis (Europe/UAE) - New Directions designed and is facilitating a major European-wide talent management programme for Borealis. This consists of 4 residential workshops of 4 days each, one-to-one external coaching, mentoring from Borealis senior leaders, action learning sets and leadership assignments, all carried out over a two year period. Now in its 7th continuous year and with its 14th cohort, it has developed a total of over 170 talents with over 90% success rate selected from Borealis locations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Turkey and the UAE.

* Gulf Oil International (Global) - New Directions also designed and is facilitating a global, senior level talent management programme for Gulf Oil International. The design uses a specially designed 360 and 180 assessment based on their own leadership competencies, an intensive residential workshop, facilitated strategic projects carried out by international teams of talents carried out over a 12 month period.