Conflict is inherent in business situations: the inevitable consequence of perceived inequities in emerging situations. Differences may be objective - the result of conflicting organisation goals and strategies, workload, structures or systems. Differences may also be more personal and subjective - personality, culture, values and beliefs, sensitivities, behaviour. Dealing with these differences before the conflict becomes destructive is essential for effective working. New Directions offers workshops that look at the process and skills for achieving win:win results through principled negotiation. The workshops are based on 30 years experience of dealing with conflict through negotiation.

“The best negotiation course on the market” - BP Exploration, UK
“The highest evaluation scores ever on an internal training course.” - Statoil, Norway

Everyone today is involved in negotiation. But often it seems that the conflict means that one party has to lose and the relationship suffers. This course develops your skills so that you reach win:win agreements and enhance your relationship with the other party. By using your own real-life negotiation cases, the course maintains a high level of relevance and business effectiveness


After the course, participants will be able to:
• Achieve win:win results through exchanges that are of low cost to one party and high value to the other
• Recognise their current negotiating skills
• Expand their range of negotiating skills
• Use a three-step planning guide to analyse and prepare for a negotiation

• Pre-course questionnaire to assess current negotiation approach
• Principled not positional negotiation
• The importance of identifying underlying needs
• Planning strategy and tactics using a three-step planning guide
• Practice skills in your own, real life cases
• Developing a post-course learning plan

Delivery capability in English, German, French and Dutch language

Special versions available:

Duration 2-4 days


Case studies:
Borealis (Europe/Americas) - a three day workshop specially designed for the Polyolefin sales team and the Procurement function in this leading plastics company in order to improve the capability and competence of the whole business function.

BT Operate (UK) - Managing Potential Conflict Situations is a one day workshop developed for BT's OpenReach division to help the managers deal with difficult situations caused by their matrix structure and work pressures. A staff survey identified an increase in positive working relationships as a result of the programme.

Sue Ryder Care (UK)
- a one day workshop developed for Sue Ryder Care to help managers negotiate win-win outcomes in internal conflict situations.

Statoil (Norway) - A four day programme developed for different groups within the Scandinavian oil and gas company, including special versions such as Negotiating by Telephone for oil traders.