Cuttings has been in continuous production since 1990. Past editions from Issue 50 can be downloaded by clicking on the issue number below. For the full text of leading articles from editions prior to Cuttings 50, click here

Cuttings 135
  • Unlocking the potential of diverse teams - applying the principles of ‘real teams’ first proposed by Jon Katzenbach.
  • Customer experiences - what are Asian companies more successful?
  • GDPR - a short advisory on the database for this newsletter and your information

Cuttings 134
  • Strengths based performance conversations - some new research from the CIPD.
  • Effective Cross-Functional Teams - setting the parameters for success.
  • How to create mistrust at work - just cc your boss on intra-team communication!

Cuttings 133
  • Managing locally remote talent - an insight to managing flexible working environments in project management
  • What will work look like in 2030 - four scenarios from PwC’s futures research
  • Common biases - which biases affect our thinking?

Cuttings 132
  • Seven Leadership Traits Not Normally Mentioned Some important but different ideas for leaders and managers to focus on.
  • First Impressions Are Often Wrong First impressions are irresistable but a new book identifies why they are nearly always flawed
    • Are You a Strong- or Weak-Link System
    Teams and organisations will benefit by knowing whether it is better to improve their strong link or their weaker link

Cuttings 131
  • HR challenges beyond 2017 - summarising the current issues facing the profession.
  • Generation Z - the teamwork generation - millennials like working in teams .
  • Employees are happier in age diverse teams - so says some recent studies.

Cuttings 130
  • Great Capabilities through Real Teams. Some reflections about how to develop great cross functional capabilities.
  • If old dogs can learn new tricks, why does organisation change still fail? The brain adapts to change so why not here?
    • The short term and long term effects of increased workload. Long term productivity falls as workload increases

Cuttings 129
  • Give your teams face-to-face time - getting remote teams together improves results
  • Perform like the All Blacks - develop a feedback-rich culture to emulate the best rugby team in the world
  • Influencing without authority - managers need to be aware that their impact is different to their intention - the gap is great.
Cuttings 128
  • The Caring Leader - a caring attitude delivers results for leaders.
  • Matrix Management is about Surfacing Conflict - don’t try to suppress conflict in a matrix, constructive conflict is how it works
  • Trust is the key to success in the digital workplace - creating real value from new working practices

  • Could do Better - a report on best practice in goal setting and performance appraisal.
  • Examples of employee engagement - more best practice from 6 leading companies
    • Three-quarters of employees crave more freedom at work -
    a key message from employees: more leadership and less micro-management, otherwise we leave!

Cuttings 126
  • Middle Managers and Trust - a report from the CMI on the low level of trust in leadership
  • Managing by Wandering Around - pioneered in Hewlett-Packhard, MBWA is especially relevant today
  • Innovation - the Atlasssian way - lessons and ideas from the Australian software company

Cuttings 125
  • Generation Y behaviours and what they mean for you Gen Y is now the majority of the workforce, so if you haven’t adjusted your management approach yet - do so now.
  • The Coaching Mindset Jeremy Snape offers some learning from elite sports coaching.
  • Financial incentives scrapped… A UK fund manager has stopped paying bonuses - because they create the wrong behaviours
  • Middle Managers and Trust - a report from the CMI on the low level of trust in leadership.

Cuttings 124 August 2016
  • Relationships are important at work - backing from neuroscience and research for building positive relationships.
  • Positive Psychology and Change - a new book by Sarah Lewis summarises why and how this stuff works.
  • Storytelling for scientists and technical people - scientists are renowned for not communicating well. The University of Texas has a way to help.

Cuttings 123 June 2016
  • The state of employee engagement - a new survey on engagement.
  • The brain is always learning... - some cautionary notes on the impact of digital media.
  • Dealing with disappointment - creating opportunities for coaching.

  • Why Teams Don’t Work - an interview with Professor Richard Hackman on his work work with top teams.
  • People don’t know what is expected them - more evidence that our target setting processes don’t work.
  • Matrix teams are everywhere - most people are now working in some form of matrix, so need a different way of collaborating.

Cuttings 121 February 2016

  • It pays to be nice to people Some studies point to the performance rewards of being civil at work - and not just to those directly involved.
  • The dark side of corporate culture Pursuing a cultural 'fit' can lead to problems, especially in ignoring diversity.
  • You see what you want to see The phenomenon of affective reality - and its implications.

Cuttings 120 December 2015

  • Get out of the way when your people are learning. Herbie Hancock's advice to managers following his long career as a jazz great.
  • What's the best way to manage a virtual team? Some thoughts on virtual team working.
    • Generation Y play the long game.
    It seems they are not as opportunist as they are painted.

Cuttings 119 October 2015
  • Creating a culture of FLOW Some basics for creating employee engagement at the workplace.
  • Time to ditch the performance appraisal? Yet more damming surveys of current practice points to setting up a new system.
    • Recruitment and retention issues Reports suggest that recruitment is becoming more difficult and costly.

Cuttings 118 August 2015
  • Leadership 2030: Implications for leadership from the Megatreds 2030 research.
    • Highlights from WAIC 2015:
    Some of the key messages from some of the sessions that I attended.
    • Comments and quotes from WAIC 2015:
    Some quotes and thought provoking comments from the conference.

Cuttings 117 June 2015
  • Megatrends 2030 What is driving the organisation in the immediate future.
  • 5 strategies to overcome distrust Some tips to rebuild relationships and trust in teams
  • Roger Harrison A tribute to one of the greats of organisation consulting who died recently.

Cuttings 116 April 2015
  • Investing in First Line Leaders The Forum Corporation research on the value of investing in this group.
    Most effective Group Size for Dialogue Some empirical research that shows small groups are better than large ones.
    Management is not a long term goal for GenY We may be misinterpreting the career goals of Gen Y, leading to a shortage of managers.

Cuttings 115 February 2015
  • Leading Change Management - 10 principles for success based on experience at Strategy& and the Katzenbach Center
    • 5 C's for a great workplace -
    some comments adapted from Tom Terez in the ideas that underpin great places to work
    • Review: Positive Organisation Development Cards -
    Sarah Lewis has produced an excellent tool for guiding discussion in positive change environments

Cuttings 114 December 2014
  • Waigaya The Honda way to more participative and innovative meetings
  • Time to Kill Performance Ratings Traditional performance management systems are potentially damaging.
    • A Mindset for Success Why looking at what you have done and can do is more beneficial than past review of success

Cuttings 113 October 2014
  • Better Meetings Dick and Emily Axelrod share some insights for more productive meetings
  • The Importance of Storytelling Using metaphor and story is an ancient approach, still relevant for engaging people in change and cultural norms.
    • Low Trust in Leaders Research from Forum suggests there is a global trust gap between employees and leader

Cuttings 112 August 2014
  • The Art of Influencing Without Authority 5 tips which ties in with my own research on how to get results without formal authority.
  • Why You Hate Work A major survey into the reasons for dissatisfaction and 4 needs that can be easily met that turn the tide.
  • The Top 10 Reasons That Your Employees Really Quit Dispelling the myth that people leave for more money

Cuttings 111 June 2014
  • Jazz negotiation Negotiate like a jazz master to be more effective - so says Michael Wheeler in his new book.
    • Online body language How you look is important on web and video conferences, and even has an impact on telephone credibility. Some tips from Citrix on creating a positive impact.
    • One third of employees find appraisals 'unfair'
    The latest employee Outlook survey from the CIPD reveals a lot of improvement is needed in performance management.

Cuttings 110 April 2014
  • Management makeover needed for the new world of work: some observations from recent research on the skill gaps of managers.
    • Organisations don't change - people do: a call from McKinsey to focus on inner change in order to achieve organisation goals
    • The importance of being mindful:
    a challenge for the current business environment from strategy+business

  • Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela's life summarises some of the management press tributes to the South African leader.
    How to deal with a boss with zero Emotional Intelligence contains some tips and ideas from Judith Glaser
    The Frederickson/Losada 'Magic Ratio' under question highlights flaws in the math of the 3:1 positivity ration.

Cuttings 108 December 2013
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership -understanding what is happening in our brains, as a result of the latest findings in neuroscience, can help us to work more effectively as leaders in change.
  • Managers Lose Trust By Not Saying Sorry - a survey shows that managers are losing trust from their staff by not apologising for mistakes - and they are not dong anything about it.

Cuttings 107 October 2013
  • Engaging with your organisation: organisations need to think about how to engage their Gen Y employees
  • Conversational Intelligence: a review of a new book by Judith Glaser on how we can improve conversations.

Cuttings 106 August 2013
  • Leading Remote Teams: some insights and tips from Nancy Settle-Murphy of Guided Insights
  • The Emotional Intelligence Skills Employers Want: some comments from Daniel Goleman about the increasing importance of emotional intelligence.
  • Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward An L&D memory of Sir Sandy who died recently
Cuttings 105 June 2013
  • Engagement in a Virtual World - some observations from BlessingWhite on engagement issues with teleworking
  • L&D Priorities - survey information on the priorities for learning and development in 2013
  • Seven Secrets to Manage Change - a checklist for effective change management

Cuttings 104 April 2013
  • Matrixed leadership at Siemens - an case study in how leadership works in a global matrix from one of the Hay Group's best companies for leadership
  • Leadership skills - Dianna Booher explains the key characteristics of true leaders from her book: "Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader"
  • Learnings from the Long View - some insights from Peter Schwartz on what has gone wrong with some of his scenario thinking

Cuttings 103 February 2013
  • Collaborative leadership - an edited excerpt from a new book written by two executives from Cisco.
  • Gen Y value job fulfilment over pay - more evidence to support the employee engagement trend

Cuttings 102 December 2012
  • Jazz Leadership - a report from a Vienna jazz club and Yes to the Mess - A review of Frank Barrett's new book.
  • What's on Managers Minds - latest survey results from Roffey Park
  • And a bumper collection of Snippets to provoke your thinking

  • Getting Results through Win-Win Negotiation - A review of my new book, now released.
  • Changing Organisational Culture: Do You Do It Top-Down or Bottom-Up - latest thinking suggests the latter...
  • Leadership and Management Lacking - a review by the CIPD shows some costly deficits in management

  • The Past 100 Issues - A review of the themes and favourites from the past issues - showing up a lot of recurring thinking with links to the original articles.
  • A BIG collection of Snippets to provoke your thinking and reflecting for the next 100 issues...

Cuttings 99 - June 2012
  • Coaching - Some tips and observations for managers adopting a coaching style.
  • Better News for UK Managers - there is still room for improvement, but the latest CIPD Employee Outlook reports on some encouraging trends.
  • Book preview: The Financial Times Essential Guide to Negotiations

Cuttings 98 - May 2012
  • Special issue from the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Ghent, Belgium
  • Reflections and Inspirations - some of my personal recollections from the presentations and workshops.
  • Positive Influencing and Negotiating - my Homer Simpson moment at the Conference.

Cuttings 97 - April 2012
  • Bring Back Solitude - Introverts of the world unite! Stand up for silence and being left alone to work.
  • Almost Half of UK Managers are Ineffective - worrying research from the CMI on the state of management in the UK (and elsewhere?)
  • Book review: Making Connections - the new book from Nico Swaan and Erik Boers

Cuttings 96 - February 2012
  • Leading from a Distance - some best practices in leading remote project teams from online resource Projects@Work.
  • Don't Cry!! - research from hiring managers on the importance of Emotional Intelligence in making selection decisions.
  • Positive Psychology at Work - a review of the latest book from Sarah Lewis: a great read which is highly recommended.

Cuttings 95 - December 2011
  • Lead with Purpose - some extracts from US leadership coach and writer John Baldoni's blogs and new book on the important subject of generating purpose in leadership.
  • Seasons Greetings - some other seasonal celebrations.
Cuttings 94 - September 2011
  • 10 Lessons for a Better Corporate Culture - organisations with a strong and adaptive culture enjoy cost advantages, employee and customer engagement and sustainability.
  • Performance Management Success - some analysis from Bersin and Associates on performance management in the current economic environment.
  • Increase Your Wealth - Roger Hamilton has some questions to identify your values.

Cuttings 93 - August 2011
  • The Stagecraft of Steve Jobs - the narrative and dramatic techniques of Apple's CEO.
  • What makes the World's Most Admired Companies thrive? - analysis from the Hay Group survey
  • Pride at the heart of employee engagement - evedence from research at Roffey Park

Cuttings 92 - June 2011
  • Not Control but Influence - project managers highlights need to build relationships to earn trust and respect as well as completing the task.
  • How do Managers Engage Employees - CIPD research to identify management competencies for employee engagement.
  • Feeling Better and Connecting through Conversation - Judith Glaser reminds us that co-creating rather than coercing not only works but makes us feel better as well.

Cuttings 91 - April 2011
  • The 'Golden Thread' of Shared Purpose - a recent major study by the CIPD reveals one of the features of the mostsuccessful organisations.
  • Three Strategies from the Best Companies for Leadership 2010 - more tips from the 2010 Global Study by the Hay Group.

Cuttings 90 - February 2011
  • Don't blame the culture... Use it... - an article by Kazenbach and Harshak provides the stimulus for this lead piece on implementing change successfully.
  • Best Companies for Leadership 2010 - the 2010 Global Study by the Hay Group identifies some key practices of the best companies for leadership.

Cuttings 89 - December 2010
  • HOW TO... survive in the matrix - - six key principles for success in matrix and project based organisation structures.
  • 2011 event diary - public course dates for the early part of 2011
  • Snippets: a bumper collection of your favourite Snippets to keep you thinking and reflecting during the holiday season

Cuttings 88 - October 2010. 20th anniversary edition

  • Pressure reduces project performance - if you increase performance pressure, a project team starts to overvalues generalist and and senior stakeholders and ignore valid information from more customer focused and junior sources.
  • Putting strategy into practice - strategy and implementation are often separated, with disastrous effects. Looking at the capabilities of organisations in implementing strategies, researchers identify the simple embedding changes - organisation charts and incentives - are the least effective.
  • Getting Results Without Authority - the book is getting some great reviews, but the major news is that I have concluded a license agreement for the Getting Results Without Authority course with Hargraves Institute in Australia. So, antipodean residents can now get the course locally..

Cuttings 87 - August 2010
  • The line manager as coach - coaching is a prime method for improving performance and for development. But what about the quality and quantity of the coaching provided by line managers?
  • Developing middle managers - middle managers are stuck in the middle, and get bad reports from their organisations. Is this a case for putting coaching by line managers into practice
  • Getting Results Without Authority - my book has launched well, with sales to India, Australia, the USA and across Europe in its first couple of months. You can still buy a copy at the on-line discount price.

Cuttings 86 - June 2010

Getting Results Without Authority: My new book is now released. Read about the contents and buy a copy at a special price.
• Beyond Crisis: a review of new book from SAMI Consulting on how to positively respond to current economic trends .
• Upgrade to Motivation 3.0: Dan Pink has some scientific research on motivation which business doesn't use!

Cuttings 85 - April 2010
  • Can employee Engagement help us out of recession?: three reports from different countries combine to answer this question.
  • Poor negotiation skill undermines business performance: a study from Huthwaite identifies a serious training and development need.

Cuttings 84 - February 2010
  • Nothing Works Without Integrity: the personal and organisational benefits of honouring your word
  • Project Management is Failing to Perform: despite all of the training and technology only 32% of projects deliver
  • Addiction to Change: an ex-BP executive thinks senior management is addicted to change programmes
Cuttings 83 - December 2009
Bonuses need the right Measures: the problem with performance bonuses is the wrong measures
The banking crisis explained: an Irish take on the crisis (just for fun)
Snippets: a bumper collection of quotations and thought provokers

Cuttings 82 - October 2009
  • Engaging for Success: A recent report commissioned for the UK Government gives strong support for employee engagement.
  • 42 Rules for Creating WE: A new book from the Creating WE team on practical tips for moving to a world where engagement is the norm.
  • A sad message for trainers: Most of the colours of the Mr Sketch scented markers are to be discontinued ☹
  • Training challenges: Results of a survey by smaartpeople
  • Management training in a 99-Word story: Some creative writing.
  • Snippets: And finally, some people's favourite section of quotations and thought provokers...

Cuttings 81 - August 2009
• Crisis Leadership - leadership in a crisis should not underestimate establishing a positive working climate
• Coached Employees Want to be Challenged - the highest scoring benefit of coaching according to coachees is working towards challenging goals

• Snippets - a bumper summer collection of quotations

Cuttings 80 - June 2009
• Manage Like Barack Obama - learning some leadership methods from the successful election campaign
• The Enterprise of the Future - IBM’s Global CEO Study identifies some trends for innovation for the Enterprise of the Future
• Kind of Blue - the 50th anniversary of the Miles Davis masterpiece is a good opportunity to learn again from jazz

Cuttings 79 - April 2009
• Involving Staff in Difficult Decisions - using large group methods to engage and energise in the current downturn
• 7 Jobs for the Generation Yers - Bruce Tulgan identifies some job choices that Gen Y make

Cuttings 78 - February 2009
• Why don't we communicate about pay? - despite pay being of high interest, organisations and managers still leave staff in the dark
• Dramatising is Counter-productive - dramatising the current issues could cause a loss of productivity
• Some data on the Strengths Revolution - research data that suggests building on strengths is clearly best

Cuttings 77- December 2008
• The Coaching Conundrum - the practice does not match the rhetoric
• Dodging the Question - why people seem to get away with style rather than substance
• Festive Snippets - an insightful comment from Thomas Jefferson, and a bumper festive collection of quotations and thought provokers

Cuttings 76 - October 2008

• Why Change Programmes Fail - Jim Clemmer updates the research on this phenomenon
• Friendshifts and Workship - an interesting take on friendship categories at work
• Influence Without Authority - some tips from John Baldoni

Cuttings 75 - August 2008
• Clarity of Direction Prevents Defection - Are you letting talent walk out of the door for the lack of direction?
• Teams Within Teams - unequal sub-group sizes hamper effective teamwork according to the Sloan School of Management
• Are You Going Forward? Then Stop! - a collection of some of the worst business jargon in use
• Irving Fields: an inspirational story - the story of the 92 year old composer of the YouTube jingle

Cuttings 74 - June 2008

• What's Your Organisation Type? - Does your company's personality help or hinder results?
• Performance Enhancing Supplements - a review of studies that demonstrate the benefits of positive emotions
• Only One in Three Employees Engaged - a new report by BlessingWhite reveals the current state of engagement

Cuttings 73 - April 2008
• The Generation X and Y Factor - Increasing numbers of Gen X and Gen Yers in the workplace are creating different demands
• Book review - Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management - a significant addition to the library for change agents

Cuttings 72 - February 2008
• Being a Leader Doesn't Make You One - Leaders often have the technical but not the behavioural skills to lead
• Seven Ways to Engage - Some ideas on engage with employees from Tom Terez
• Customers want to feel better - The majority of customers are apprehensive as they enter a customer experience , and 80% want to be reassured

Cuttings 71 - December 2007
• The High Cost of Bad Bosses - Bosses are abusive and bullying - and it is affecting the bottom line
• Rules of Engagement - How to engage employees and have a positive impact on the bottom line
• A bumber set of quotations and snippets!

Cuttings 70 - October 2007
• Moods and Narratives - a focus on human centred practices produces greater success in projects than traditional analytical tools
• Employers dissatisfied witht he results of coaching - coaching is not delivering the results expected
• Salary not important to students seeking jobs - Generation Y work joiners want something different to money

Cuttings 69 - August 2007
• Employee Engagement - results of a survey into engagement and the impact of management actions
• Sir Alan Sugar on Leadership - the UK entrepreneur's thoughts
• CSR contributes... - corporate social responsibility adds to the bottom line, employee engagement and customer loyalty

Cuttings 68 - June 2007
• Five Crucial Conversations- conversations that don't take place in projects
• In Praise of the Incomplete Leader- a reflection on how to be effective but not perfect
• Structured Procrastination- a new look on timewasting !

Cuttings 67 - April 2007
• Listening and Feedback - managers are underachieving and not able to listen to feedback
• 5 Questions to ask ask yourself - Tom Terez poses some things to reflect on at work
• A Parable from India - Parashu Ram shares a story about love, wealth and success
• Common goal or legal contract - how do we treat our suppliers and contractors?

Cuttings 66 - February 2007
• The Chickens are in Charge - why project managers can't manage projects
• MINDSET: The New Psychology of Success - how mindset affects your success
• Managing Virtual and Remote Teams - management skills required for these teams
• 360 degree Assessments - some critical comments on 360 effectiveness

Cuttings 65 - December 2006
• Feedforward instrad of Feedback - some ideas on how to improve communication about performance improvement
• Six Steps to Survival - an article from 1971 that has a lot of relevance today

Cuttings 64 - October 2006
• Strategic Distortions and Deceptions - sometimes our approach to situations leads to distortion and deception, often unconsciously
• How your mindset impacts your success - a growth mindset helps you and others to develop more than a fixed mindset
• A Chance to Start Over - a reframing story about Thomas Edison

Cuttings 63 - August 2006
• Cognitive Science and Change - learning from the latest neurological research to help understand change
• Improved cross cultural communication increases productivity- some numbers from Accenture
• Perspective - a story on how you look at thing
• Babemba - a different way of dealing with wrong doers

Cuttings 62 - June 2006
• Positive Organisation Politics - politics in organisations does not have to be damaging and negative
• Receiving Catastrophic News - The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stages for receiving bad news
• Appreciative Intelligence - a case study from NASA on the reframing of situations

Cuttings 61 - April 2006
• Performance Appraisals are Worthless - some comments on the misuse and abuse of performance appraisals
• Delivering Bad News - advice from Judith Glazer on how to deliver bad news empathetically
• 20 Years of New Directions - a short history of highlights to celebrate 20 years in consulting

Cuttings 60 - February 2006
• WYSI-not always-WYG - some fascinating research on how the brain fools us a lot of the time
• Seven Deadly Sins - mismanagement examples from a survey of library managers

Cuttings 59 - December 2005
• Perceived Power - how equalising perceived power can help get win:win agreements
• Why IT Leaders Fail - skill and competence gaps in IT managers
• Peter Drucker quotations - a collection of favourite Drucker sayings to celebrate his life

Cuttings 58 - October 2005
• Leadership Excellence - some observations on what makes for excellent leadership
• Employees don't trust senior managers - chilling messages for leaders from two different surveys
• Excellence in executive coaching - six competencies for mentoring and coaching excellence

Cuttings 57 - August 2005
• Awaydays and Workshops - 80% of UK organisations have strategy awaydays and workshops but few measure their success
• 21st Century Organisation - McKinsey report on the organisation needs of the current century
• Unresolved Anxiety - Having management skill is not enough to be a good manager

Cuttings 56 - June 2005
• Employee Well-Being - The status of the psychological contract
• A Leadership Story - Police officers in Texas operate a new model which gets results
• Geting More than 100 percent - A fun mathematical formula

Cuttings 55 - April 2005
• A Shortage of Leaders - The baby-boom generation is aging and casing a shortage of leaders
• A Non-style of Management - Ben Johnson poses a question about the paradox of Dilbert and intelligent managers
• The Power of Positive Feedback - What are your priorities when it comes to performance management

Cuttings 54 - February 2005
• Flexible Working- Flexible working is becoming a "must have" benefit - buthow do you set up an effective policy
• 12 Habits of Toxic Mentees - David Clutterbuck's companion piece to his humourous list of what not to do as a mentor
• Are you concerned about Plaxo? - Is the popular database manager all it seems?

Cuttings 53 - December 2004
• Positive Leadership - The impact of building a positive environment in the workplace
• 12 Habits of Toxic Mentors - David Clutterbuck's humourous list of what not to do as a mentor

Cuttings 52 - September 2004
• Virtual Teams - Investigating the properties of virtual teams and how to make them effective
• Retaining talent - Beverley Kaye's new book looks at strategies for managers and individuals to develop their careers
• How much does it cost to send an e-mail? - The current ant-Microsoft story investigates the real cost of emails

Cuttings 51 - June 2004
• Jazz - The new metaphor - Jazz is increasingly replacing the symphony orchestra as a metaphor for management and leadership
• The business case for diversity - results of a survey on diversity policies
• Training Trends 2004 - a survey on training priorities for 2004

Cuttings 50 - March 2004
• Cuttings Half Century Review - a look back over the first 50 issues highlighting some of the classic articles
• A View on Aging - a humorous look at aging